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Through the iniciative and within the organisation of this society in 1899, the
First Exhibition of Antlers and Hunting Trophies took place in Zagreb, followed
by the First Exhibition of Hounds in 1906. In addition the Association of Hunters´
Clubs foir Croatia and Slavonia was established in 1925. On the occasion of the
100th Anniversary of Organised Wildlife Management in 1881, the LSH (Hunters´
Association of Croatia) set up the International Hunting Exhibition in Zagreb,
and in 1983 the same Association was host for the Regular Conference of International
Council for Wildlife and Game Protection (CIC) in Dubrovnik. Within the
framework of its publishing, educational and publicity activities, and in addition
to its regular editing of professional newspaper and maintenance of the Hunters´
Museum, the Republic Hunters´ Association acts as an editor for various professional
and scientific publications which serve to educate hunters. The Hunters´
Association of Croatia is a member of the Hunters´ Association of Yugoslavia.

Training of cadres for wildlife (game breeding and hunting) dates from 1860
when the Agricultural-Forestry Shoo] was founded in Križevci. With the elevatiom
of forestry teaching to the academic level, wildlife management was included in
the curriculum of the Academy. Following the First World War, the Academy
was transformed into the Forestry Faculty o!f the University of Zagreb. Today,
wildlife studies take place at the Veterinary Faculty (Zagreb), the Faculties of
Agricultural Sciences (Zagreb and Osijek) as well as the Forestry Faculty. With
the opening of middle schools of forestry after the Second World War, wildlife
management was taught as a school subject. Today, specialized technicians in
wildlife management and workers skilled in game breeding are trained. With the
foundation of the Institute and Department for Wildlife Preservation and Hunting
in the Forestry Faculty, University of Zagreb, wildlife preservation and
hunting gained its place as a scientific discipline.

Oskar Piškorić, grad. eng.

Survey of the History of Croatian Forestry

The data on the relationship of man and the forest originates from a XII
century statute of Urbar, a town in Dalmatia. This was a law concerning the protection
of forest ownership, and measures against irrational exploitation of forest
felling or use for feeding livestock. It was also decreed that forests should be
protected against fire.

Later in the continental part of Croatia, but not before the second half of
the XVIII century, did anyone start to worry about forest systems. There was
another statute issued in Urbar regarding the feudal relationship of the lord
and the serfs under »forestry laws«. This matter was finally resolved in laws
passed on forestry in 1852, which were valid in Croatia up to 1929, when a new
law valid for the whole of Yugoslavia, as it was then, was passed.

The forestry situation in Croatia had been significantly changed in the second
half of the XIX century. Feudal relations were solved and serfs (in name
only) were given rights to use certain part of the lord´s forest for wood and