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tions, studies on soil productivity and suitability of soil for the foundation of
forest cultures in the sites threatened by hydropedolögical interventions, investigation
of soil for the laying out of forest nurseries, etc. Investigations of all
important matters in the field of regional planning and man´s protection of the
environment regularly include pedologists.

Prof". Dr. Ante Krstinić


Historical Review and Present State in the Development of Forestry Botany,
Dendrology and Genetics with Forest Tree Breeding

Botany has been an integral part of forestry teaching since 1919, when the
Agricultural-Forestry Faculty was founded in Zagreb. The first lecturer in botany
was an academician, Prof. Ivo Pevalek. Today the subject is taught by Prof.
Ivo Trinajstić. Within the 3+ 2 and 2 + 1 timetable, plus four days of field
training, the first year students become acquainted with the fundaments in
morphology, physiology and systematics of the lower (fungi) and higher plants
(gymnosperms and angiosperms). Students´ needs are also met with the various
textbooks and mimeographed notes arranged by the subject lecturer.

Scientific research includes investigation of the systematic relations in some
polymorphic genera (Quercus, Ulmus, Salix and Viola), study of lower phytocoenological
units in Mediterranean forests, and work in the mapping of vegeta-tion.

Dendrology has been a component part of the forestry curriculum since
1919. Specialized lectures have included: Prof. Antun Levaković, Prof. Andrija
Petračić, academician Prof. Milan Anić, eng. Boris Zlatarić. Since 1954, the specialized
lecturer has been an academician, Prof. Mirko Vidaković. In addition to
the specialized lecturers, the study of this subject engages other lecturers: Josip
Karavla M. Sc, senior lecturer, and Dr. Želimir Borzan.

Within the framework 2 + 2 and 2 + 2 time-table in the second year course,
including two days of field training, the students become acquainted with morphology
and variability of autochthonous and, most impostant, allochthonous coniferous
and decidous species.

Students needs are met by written textbooks.
Scientific work includes the investigation of morphology and variability of
lime-trees, production of new cultivars and trees and shrubbery for the needs
of urban forestry, and studies in the taxonomic classification of particular
Genetics with forest-tree breeding has been taught in the Forestry Faculty
in Zagreb since 1960. Nowadays, Prof. Mirko Vidaković is in charge of the course.
Besides Prof M. Vidaković, the subject is taught by Prof. Ante Krstinić. An assistant
lecturer in this subject is eng. Davorin Kajba. An expert-associate for
this subject is Branka Jurkovic-Bevilacqua.
Within the framework of 2 + 2, 2+ 1 time-table and two days of field training,
the students become acquainted with the fundaments of molecular genetics,
genetics of qualitative and quantitative traits, methods of forest-tree breeding,
and achievements in the breeding of autochthonous and important allochthonous
coniferous and deciduous species.