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ŠUMARSKI LIST 11-12/1984 str. 21     <-- 21 -->        PDF

M. J u r k o v i ć
Contribution to the Study of the Vegetative Propagation of Common Lilac
(Syringa vulgaris L.)


In the present experiments the cutings of the ouitivars common lilac have been
rooted. The effect of NAA and IBA on the formation of callus and adventitious root
in lilac — Syringa vulgaris ´Andenken an Ludwig Späth´ and Syringa vulgaris
´Michel Büchner´ has been investigated. It has been shown that both growth substances
used stimulate cambial activity on the formation of callus and adventitious

However, the highest rooting percentage 92—96"/o and the strongest root system
was ODtained whe the cuttings were collected about the second week in June. The
success of rooting was 60 — 75°/o hen the cuttings were taken during he third
week of August, showed to be the poorest. The results of rooting was 20 — 32°/0.