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ŠUMARSKI LIST 9-10/1984 str. 48     <-- 48 -->        PDF

— Consequently, losses due to the dying bacik of pedunculate oak total 38.86
per cent of (he potential market value of assortments (exclusive of fuewood) of this
expensive wood species.
Expressed in prices and values of the dinar in 1978., in the assortments measured
(about 1.490 cu. m.) the total loss amounted to 1,476,844 dinars, or in six out
of the above-mentioned eight forestry districts with 40,908 cu. m. of TO´Undwood the
loss due to the dying back process is esitimated alt 40,541,621 dinars. Hence it can be
concluded that huge losses are yearly incurred din the exploitation of affected
pedunculate oak forest in Croatia and in Yugoslavia as a whole.

The foregoing does not include losses incured in the exploitation of dying back
trees owing to a smaller concentration of felled trees.