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ŠUMARSKI LIST 7-8/1979 str. 108     <-- 108 -->        PDF

urban areas in the individual states of USA. This took place from June 11,
1978. Mutual problems have been discussed in the course of the first week in
Washington D. C, whereas in the other two weeks several localities had been
visited in USA, followed up by repeated mutual discussions in the fourth week.
Three divisions have been established to treat various Project topics: forest management
and hunting, soil and water conservation, and land use plannig, according
to the evironmetal protection.


Dereta: MOTORNE PILE, koju je ove godine izdao SIZ odgoja i
obrazovanja šumarstva i drvne industrije SR Hrvatske može se nabaviti
kod istog SlZ-a uz cijenu 150.— din. komad.
Adresta: Zagreb, Palmotićeva ul. 17a