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In the continuation is discussed in detail the stretching and composition
of the zone of evergreen vegetation of the Mediterranean proper with the climazonal
forest Quercetum ilicis Br.—BL, and the zone of thermophilous vegetation
of the transitional Mediterranean with the climazonal communities Carpinion
orientalis H-ić and Seslerio-Ostryetum Horv.

A separate question of the relationship represents the so-called »Littoral
Beech forest« — the community Seslerio-Fagetum (Horv.) Wraber, i. e. the community
Aceri obtusati-Fagetum Fab. Fuk. et Stef — spreading on the southern
and western slopes of the littoral Dinarac mountains and which in its composition
and ecology possesses a transitional-Mediterranean character.

The explanations are accompanied by a greater number of geographical
maps from which may be seen the distribution of particular tree and shrub
species, which may be considered as being characteristic of individual zones and

Connecting the aforementioned division of the territory with the specific
problems of the reforestation of the Adriatic region, is especially stressed the
significance of several species, such as: Fraxinus angustifolia Vahl, Quercus pendunculiflora
Koch, Quercus conferta Kit. and Quercus cerris L.


Karta — Map 1. Granice jadranskog područja: vododjelnice jadransko-
pontskog sliva predstavlja granicu područja, a vododjelnice jadranskih rijeka
i kraških ponornica predstavljaju pojedine (1—11) sektore — Boundaries of
the Adriatic region: the watershed of the Adriatic-Pontic catchment area
represents the region boundary, while the watersheds of the Adriatic rivers
and karst sinking rivers represent individual (1—11) sectors.

Karta — Map 2. Pojasi klimazonalne vegetacije jadranskog primorja

— Belts of the climazonal vegetation of the Adriatic seaboard.
Karta — Map 3. Areali rasprostranjenosti vrsta hrastova: Quercus conferta
Kit. — (= Qu. frainetto Ten.) i Qu. cerris L. na širem jadranskom području
— Areas of distribution of Oak species: Qu. conferta Kit. (= Qu.
frainetto Ten.) and Qu. cerris in broader Adriatic region.

Karta — Map 4. Granice areala Celtis australis L. i nalazišta Celtis tournefortii
Lam. — Boundaries of the area of Celtis australis L. and habitats of
Celtis tournefortii Lam.

Karta — Map 5. Granice areala vrsta: Petteria ramentacea (Sieber) Presi,
Laburnum alpinum (Mill.) Grisebach, Chamaecytisus purpureus (Scopoli) Link

— Boundaries of the area of species: Petteria ramentacea (Sieber) Presl, Laburnum
alpinum (Mill.) Grisebach, Chamaecytisus purpureus (Scopoli) Link.
Karta — Map 6. Primorske granice areala Fagus sylvatica L. — Littoral
boundaries of the area of Fagus sylvatica L.

Karta — Map 7. Primorske granice areala Abies alba Mill, s oznakom recentnog
dopiranja Picea excelsa (Lam.) Link — Littoral boundaries of the
area Abies alba Mill, with the designation of the recent stretching od Picea
excelsa (Lam.) Link.