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A contribution to the knowledge of the vegetation of the Moslavačka Gora

Beside the present work (and others mentioned in the »Literature« of this
article) of the author concerning the vegetation (or more precisely floristics)
of the Moslavačka Gora moutain, there exists only fragmentary data from the
19th and early 20th centuries (to found in »Flora croatica« by Schlosser and
Vukotinović, 1869, and in the Works of the JAZU — »Revision of the Croatian
flora« by D. Hire, 1903—1912).

The Moslavačka Gora mountain belongs according to its geological material
to the oldest massifs in Yugoslavia. In this massif there occur — only on the
margin of the old stony core of igneous rocks — Tertiary structures (yellow
limestone and sandy marls) as the consequence of .the original insular position
of the aforementioned mountain in the Pannonian Sea. Accordingly, also the
majority of the soils is of acid reaction. The climate, according to »Köppen´sclassification,
may be marked with the designation Cfwb"«.

In the Moslavačka Gora mountain the author established a greater number
of the forest communities belonging to the orders of Querco-Fagetea and Quercetea
robori-petraeae with the following associations:

— on the lower hill-sides: as Querco-Carpinetum, and as. Staphyleo-Carpinetum,
Carici pilosae-Carpinetum, Erthronio-Carpinetum and Asperula-Carpinetum;
— on rindges, over shallow brown acid soils: as. Festuco-Quercetum petraeae;
— on minaral swamp soil (along the brooks): as. Carici brizoidis-Alnetum;

— in the remainging region: as. Fagetum illyricum boreale montanum (with
a certain number of illyric species by which it is connected with the Beech
forets of the Dinarids) within which there also occur stands with Linden (Tilia
tomentosa) that were segregated by the author as Fagetum illyricum tilietosum
tomentosae sub. nova prov.
In someplaeces also as. Blecho-Fagetum was found.

Primljeno 5. I 1977.

Dr Krunica Hruška — Dell´Uomo,

Universita di Camerino,

62032 Camerino, Italia