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ŠUMARSKI LIST 4-6/1975 str. 34     <-- 34 -->        PDF

agard and Gramoxon toxically on the Larch seedlings, while the same doses of
these herbicides allowed a normal development of Spruce seedlings.

— The urates Aresin, Tenoran, Patoran and Tribunal acted markedly toxically
on Scots Pine seedlings even in lower doses.
— Treflan and Balan were not toxic for seedlings.
— In the transplant beds none of the herbicides applied was toxic to transplants.
Only a small percentage of the most stunted transplants of certain treatments
— Significant differences in heights of Lammas shoots were found, which
means that there was no depressive or stimulative effect on the height growth rate.
— On analysing the costs of the chemical and classical weed control it was
found that in chemical control they diminished by 95—143 times if no weeding was
performed, or 2—5 times if one weeding was performed.
or 2 — 5 times if one weeding was performed.
— In rescept of the recommendatios for a practical application in seedbeds
Gramoxon and Gesagard may be considered under similar conditions except in
Larch, also Treflan and Balan, if the composition of the weeds is such that species
for which they are inffective do not prevail.
— Urates are not recommended for practical application.
— In the transplant beds for practical application — under correct procedure
— can be recommeded the triazines Gesaprine, Agelon, Gesatop, and the benzonitriles
Casoron and Prefix.