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Tab. 3. Concentrations of mineral nutrients in Eastern White Pine needles (data
relate to 1966 and 1967).

Tab. 4. Data on mineral nutrient concentrations in needles and on the increment of
Eastern White Pine in cultures in the Croatian Zagorje (northwards from

Tab. 5. Some data on the growth and increment of investigated cultures.
Fig. 1. Particle size distribution in ´Vos in the investigated soils (soil texture).
Fig. 2. Spreading of Eastern White Pine roots according to soil depth.
Fig. 3. Height growth and development of the mean stem diameter (at 0.3 m. above

ground) of Eastern White Pine on the sample plots of Susie 1 (1), Sušje 2
(2), Karabno (3), and of Točak (4).