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Early in 1957 we commenced with the breeding oE Larch. We carried out an
artificial pollination of Larch and obtained several combinations of intra-and interspecific
hybrids. In works 13 and 14 are given the results of measurement of the
mentioned one and three-year-old plants. Now we present the result concerging the
height and diameter growth of the same plants now 7 or 8 years of age.

The conclusions are as follows:

1. Two families of hybrids between European and Japanese Larch, i.e. Si and Sio
produce after the 7th and 8th growing periods the best height and diameter
accretion showing also a phenomenon of heterosis.
2. With respect to the height and diameter growth rate after the hybrids L. eurolepis
Si and Sio there follow three families of the pure Si, Ss and So European
3. The hybrid S4 between Siberian and Japanese Larch grows better in height and
diameter than the hybrids S2 and Sr. between the European and Siberian Larch.
4. The coefficient of variability in all combinations of crossing is usually greater
for the diameters of plants than for their heights.
5. In most families there exists a very close correlation after the 7th and 8th
growing seasons between height and diameter of plants.