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Volume Qua itv Total Tree ipecies Previous tree National
Control card for plus trees score score score number number

Province Parish Name of landowner

FS ranger private forest
district / ranger district
Management unit


Latitude Longitude Elevation, m. Quantity of suitable scions-Quality of scions2

Method of stand establishment

Seed investigations

Grafted Cone production

lncluced In clone tests at

Included in seed orchard at

Check trees The plus

Age at breast height

No 1 No 2 No 3 No 4 Mean
Height actual´
Height at the age of the

Volume factors

plus tree

DBH o.b. in mm. actual

Double bark thickness in mm.
DBH u.b. in mm. actual

DBH u.b. in mm. at the age

of the plus tree 1Height to crown

Volume dm3 u.b. V, V,
Volume score (-.,´ — 1) 10

Tree selected by

Percent Cheek trees The plus
from baise

Quality factors of Crown No ´ | No 2 NO 3 ] No 4 Mean tree
Circumference in mm.
Circumference in mm. 1

Circumference in mm.

upper d´iam.

Crown radius1
Crown radius1
Length of branches´ 75
Length of branches1 50
Branch angle degrees 75

Branch angle degrees 50
Branch thickness in mm. 75
Branch thickness in mm. 50
No. of branches per whorl 75

No. of branches per whorl

Height to the first dead branch1
Height of plate bark1

Crown shape

Basic density
Seed yield and seed quality

Quality score
Notes: — i Measured in meters to one decimal place. - Is very poor; 2, poor; 3, fair; 4, good;
5, very good.
Miscellaneous information:
Composition of stand: percent pine, percent spruce, percent birch, stocking;
ground vegetation.
Phenotype checked
The Co-ordination Committee for Forest Tree Breeding and Genetics

Control card for plus trees included in seed orchard and clone tests.
Fig. 8.