prilagođeno pretraživanje po punom tekstu

ŠUMARSKI LIST 3-4/1964 str. 43     <-- 43 -->        PDF

— that through the mechanical soil preparation one covers about 50%
of the definite surface, and one penetrates deeply into the soil, thus creating
favourable conditions for plant development, which is not attainable by the classical
— that using the mechanization in the soil preparation we are speeding up the
— that the costs per one unit of area proved to be in most cases by far lower
than with the classical methods;

— that using mechanizationn we compensate for the shortage of labour which
is felt in many areas.
We san ecpect significant resuts in the establishement of forests in the
Mediterranean area when using selected material for planting and seeding, a proper
choice of species not only for a definite wide area but also for every small plot —
in which special microclimatic and micropedologic conditions rule — and applying
mechanical preparation of the soil.