prilagođeno pretraživanje po punom tekstu

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the course of the season per one face (together with rest periods) — at tine mentioned
tapping method with one face on each tree — the following formula is valid:
T = (960 + n. 669) sec.
4) The location of a tapped tree is considered:

— favourable, if of the total time consumption for all operations in a season —
when tapping is performed according to the modified French system — the share
both of passage and transfers is Sa/o viz. the factor n < 1.02;

— medium favourable if the share of passages and transfers is max. 67°/o and
the factor n = 1.02—1.75; and
— unfavourable are considered those locations in which n > 1.75.
5) In trees with an x-times higher resin yield within the season than the trees
growing in the region of »Đurđevački Pijesci« (yielding 0.97 kg, per one face, the
time consumption for passage and transfers ought to be [(100 x — 4S) : 54] times
higher in order to have the resin produced weighted with equal expenditure of
labour as is the case with resin produced at »Đurđevački Pijesci«.

In »Đurđevački Pijesci« the trees of Aleppo Pine display a ca. treble resin yield
than the trees of Austrian Pine, and thus they can stand a 4.7 — times greater time
consumption for the passage and transfers than the latter ones, the resin produced
being weighted with an equal expenditure of labour force.

6) In all stand´s irrespective of the Pine species, of the standi age and of the site
quality class, there exists a definite growing-stock density and a definite number
of tapped trees in which one kg. of produced resin is on an average weighted with
the least expenditure of labour. This growing-stock density represents the optimum
density for resin-tapping.

If the actual density is higher than the optimum one, than the resin yield of
each individual tapped tree is decreased more than its corresponding expenditure
of working time, and, the actual density being lower than the optimum one, then
the time expenditure for each tree is increased more than its seasonal resin yield.