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during 14 hours. Tihe greatest relative increase after two years growth was 15%
(Austr. pine, Split) 32,0%> (Austr. pine, Višegrad´), 27,0%. (black locust) and 94,5°/o
(white mulberry).

During the second season ´the author noticed an appreciable equalization in a
high degree between the treated and untreated plants of the pine and much less
of the locust, but in no case the miullberry. This latter showed even a more vigorous
growth in the second summer. The intolerant species then reacted very quickly and
powerfully but very soon left off.

The author discusses the development of two pine proveniences and he points
out that there was a great difference between them. The inside provenience developed
stronger and higher seedlings. They differed in their lenghth and curved
needles very much from the mediiiteirrainean provenience. Besides that the latter was
chlorose-yeMow during the first year, hut it gave some indications to ´be more in.toleriant.
The absolute height increase amid growth vigour of the treated plants aire
likewise useful in the pfiant competition! in the field where the seedlings are to´ be
planted, IBu´t to confirm thiis practical significanse the author states that further
observations ought to he made.


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